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Lochgelly Tawse Leather Care

This article will enable you to care and enhance the weight and flexibility of the special leather used to make your Lochgelly style tawse.

Strictlylwhips under the guidance and control by Mistress Penny has made a range of affordable leather tawses in the style of the infamous "Lochgelly Tawse".

To ensure a long life this tawse should be hung from a hook or screw in a dry warm atmosphere,do not store your treasured tawse bent or curled up, if you do the leather will assume this curvature and be hard to control, giving a tendency for the lochgelly tawse to bounce back and catch your hand or leg if  standing very close to your subject.

This special leather used in the construction of this tawse is very dense and absorbent,thus enabling the use of oil or wax the gain extra weight and suppleness in the strap end of your lochgelly tawse.

We recommend that you use our special leather oil as supplied in our leather care section,this has been tested and found most satisfactory.


Pour a small amount of oil into your cupped palm, close your palm gripping the tawse lightly,then slowly pull your tawse throught the oily palm ,do this until all off he oil is absorbed.

Do not oil the handle as this could cause the tawse to slip out of your hand during useage for your discipline session.

It's best to keep oiling the tawse on a daily bassis until you reach the desired weight. This can be a ritual prior to punishment.

The tail or tails will soak up the oil,they will not become slippy or overloaded,pull throught until all oil is used up in your palm.

Whip Wax can also be used if you have it,I find Whip Wax can make the tails extra heavy fast and you can then still use oil on you leather tawse.

A hundred strokes is probably enough on each occasion,but I stipulate 400 strokes by my slave prior to use,but thats me.

Also I have one of my slaves do this essential task on a regular bassis.

Do not be scared to try things your way,you will not spoil the tawse.

If you are unsure or require further information in regards to your lochgelly style tawse please get in touch I am happy to assist in all disciplinery and punishment advice.

Mistress Penny 2016.

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