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Leather Spanking Paddles

Leather Spanking Paddles

A Leather spanking paddle is one of the most useful implements for punishment and instant discipline in any strict BDSM

scenario favoured for many years by Masters and Dominatrix’s world wide.

The  leather paddle must be the first choice for any serious disciplinarian,and can be used on either sex as a prime

punishment tool.

Correct for a close up spankings and thrashings, not to long, or to short, firm and in full control at all times as you

administer the required strokes on your submissives bare skin,

The heavy duty kinky leather on skin makes a really satisfying smacking sound.
Perfect for a warm up and ideal for close up spanking, use it on the bare bottom or thighs of your submissive boy or girl.

All our leather paddles are accurate and every stroke leaves a red long lasting sting.

My favourite paddles are shown on site,if you need any help in deciding which one would suit you then please get in touch.

The Knoppler paddle has its roots in Europe but has now been widely adopted all over the world.

My paddles are hung  up in full view for all to see on entry into my room of correction, and I always start my session with

my trusty Knoppler a studded paddle has two sides to it and is very usefull.All the paddles on offer in my store can custom made to accomadate this use.

Another good correctional paddle is the "Hand Slapper Paddle".

Ideal again for close up bare bottom spanking but saving you the need to hurt your hand when chastising any disobedient slave

girl or boy.

All the paddles in range are constructed from leather that is thick enough to remain rigid when delivering

the required stroke,  steel studding can be added to any of our unique range of spanking paddles.

Special leather paddles made to your designs, no problem just get in touch with Mistress Penny now. designs incorporate a flexible and virtually impossible to break internal stiffener located in the handle

and well into the slapper, this gives more control for every stroke and stops "slap back " thus a harder and very accurate

pattern can be laid down.

All the paddles are press cut from one solid piece of genuine heavy duty belting leather and do not have a weak spot at the

joint between the handle and slapper,as do many eastern imports.

Paddles made from genuine leather need to be maintained keeping them flexible and prevent cracking, (another task) for your

Sub or slave, this care will ensure that you receive many years of good service from your purchase.

The best way to achieve this is to polish all of your equipment on a weekly basis, but if you have the help,  then a daily

ritual would be fun.

Use our range of leather care products to enhance and maintain your products.

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