School Canes Punishment Set Rattan

School Canes Punishment Set Rattan
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English Public school style punishment and disciplinary rattan canes.

As used at many private boarding schools in England
from 1800s onwards,

In some case still in use at church and religious schools in England.
A set of two swishy flexible rattan punishment school training canes.

Two canes 30" long random thickness  8mm 10mm all  approximate dimensions.

Due to fact that this is a natural grown product we reserve the right to send you the nearest diameter available at the time of ordering, but this would always be to your advantage as the thicker the rattan cane the more expensive it is.

At present there is a cane stock shortage world wide hence we are limmiting this products availability.

Very swishy flexible Koboo rattan cane.

The offer is for two canes random selected at our workshop.

Yes the real thing! rattan NOT Garden Center BAMBOO.

Ideal for judicial thrashings , Kinky bare bottom caning's or for your slave's disciplinary training.

The true martinets first choice for strict discipline in all scenario's.

A nice present for your dominant or submissive.

We have supplied cane sets for over 20 years to many satisfied clients world wide

Many return to for more as they are an affordable must have .

Due to postal restrictions in parcel sizes we may have to adjust the cane size to suit the courier and postal service for your destination.

Rattan school canes are a natural product and come from fully managed source.

Cane stock is selected sized then bent and finished in our workshop .

Depending on your geographical location ie: Air Mail postage,And on occasions within the UK, we shall send our canes in a packet bent into a semi circular curve. This will have no detrimental effect on the canes and they can easily be straightened to the original straight state,as our instructional cane care video shows.Click the video tab to see how to do this simple process.


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